Looking back at 2017

I started off this year really determined to get Aiorimono up and running as a full time thing, and I'm ending the year with a full time job at a local dancewear company.

I'm probably as millennial as a millennial can get – chasing dreams, working for passion, and hoping money comes along with it so that more dreams and passions can be fulfilled.

I never thought I'll end up so immersed in the arts, because I never excelled (or had much interest) in the arts while I was in school. But once I started working, I started to see how the arts enhances our quality of life, and how important it is for the arts to exist. If I couldn't be an artist, I want to support them.

Sometimes, the arts can be too... arty. I don't always understand things that are too abstract or contemporary. But I try to understand the intention behind it. Usually, it gives us different perspectives, provokes us, makes us think. And I think that is important.

Don't follow blindly. Don't do things just of the sake of doing it. Don't make decisions just because it's convenient. In order to grow as a society, as people, as the world, I think we need to think more about the purpose and value in the things we are doing.

Find your meaning in life. It's a long journey, but keep searching. The Japanese concept for this is "Ikigai". It means "the reason of being". Having a purpose in life. It can be a passion, your work, or your family. Once you find your ikigai, you will also find peace and happiness.

In the meantime, be considerate. I find it hard to always be kind, but the least you can do is be considerate to the people and the environment around you.


What's my ikigai? I'm not too sure, but I think it's something like that.

I want to introduce weaving to Singapore for two reasons. Firstly, weaving makes people think more about how fabric is made. In this fast-fashion world, people don't seem to remember or put much thought into how things are made. I think it's important to think about the value of the things you buy, and how it impacts the environment. I can go on forever about this, but at the end it's about increasing awareness, understanding quality, and supporting local craftsmen.

Secondly, weaving is a form of art and expression. Saori weaving brings joy and relief to those who need to get away from the stressful and hectic life. I've personally witnessed it, and so I want people to try it too. My plan for Aiorimono is to eventually create a space and a community for this. I'm not sure how long it will take, but that's something I'll keep working towards.

I'm taking the first step in 2018, and start conducting workshops. Wish me luck.