May Projects

Since the last event at Public Garden (thank you to everyone who came by to say hi, and also everyone else who discovered my existence and a few adventurous ones who tried Saori weaving), I finally stopped weaving and sewing like a sweat shop worker. I got myself a full-time job again (loving it by the way) so that I can take my time to experiment with all the weaving styles I learnt during my 6 weeks YOLO Japan trip, and basically have some fun.

#1 - Dyeing

Finally got a swift umbrella so that I can separate the yarn for dyeing. I should really start taking more process photos, but I usually get too engrossed in my work that I only remember to take photos at the start and end.

I was just experimenting with my dyestuff, and I think it turned out pretty good on the ramie yarn. I have not used to it weave, because I keep changing my mind about the things I want to make. The original plan was to make a few gamaguchi bags out of these, but we'll see.

#2 Saori Coat

My yarns, warping board, and everything else arrived from Japan, and so I finally made the coat I wanted to make since I first saw it in the Saori weaving book. The thing I love about Saori clothes is that we make use of the whole piece of fabric, and there is minimal waste. I try to do that with all the things I make, so even with my gamaguchi bags, I do my calculations and measurements to make sure I don't have to cut away so much fabric (and my hard work).

Saori weaving is so free and it kind of goes with the mood. I think May was a happy and exciting month, much like unicorns and rainbows.

That's it for May, I hope your month was as delightful <3