What is this la. It's an outlet for all things creative and art that I want to make. Mostly weaving, some sewing, and everything else. Maybe this will turn into a guide to living life—I think a lot about these kind of things.

AIORIMONO (2016–2020)

In case you knew me earlier, this was previously known as aiorimono. The intention behind it was to share the love for weaving, through workshops and making stuff. I still weave and would like to do workshops or any other projects, so just drop me a message if you are interested!

So this is how it started

I don't have any certified art or design education background. I did a graphic design module in university and got demoralised because there were so many people who were better than me. But I like making things. So I made my very supportive friends buy me a sewing machine for my birthday. Learning everything from the Internet, I started sewing pouches, bags, clothes etc.

I wanted to be better, so I took up dressmaking classes. I wanted to own the designs so I did some research on textile printing and pattern making, and stumbled upon a weaving school in Japan. And then, I wanted to weave.

That was in 2015. I had already planned to go to Japan for a holiday, so one day I went to Saori no Mori to try weaving. I think they did something right because then I decided this was what I really wanted.

So I took 3 weeks of annual leave, went to Kawashima Textile School for the beginners course in 2016. And that's how everything started.

More on the weaving

I decided to go to Kawashima Textile School because I wanted to learn kasuri. It is a technique where parts of the yarn are bound so that it remains undyed, thus creating a pattern when the yarn is woven together. In other parts of the world, it is also known as ikat. A lot of precision is required to get the desired pattern, and I like calculating and being really neat about stuff.

I went back to Saori no Mori again and spent 11 days there, because I wanted to learn more about their philosophy - "the beauty with lack of intention". Saori is pretty much revolutionary, breaking almost all the rules of traditional weaving. The works that comes out from this 'chaos' are very expressive and individualistic. And also, it makes weaving super fun for everyone, being free from the stress of precision and technique.

Kasuri and Saori are two ends of the weaving spectrum, but as usual, I'm always on the fence and so I guess time (and inspiration) will tell which way my work goes.

Currently, I use a 4-harness Saori loom to weave. Why did I choose this loom? It is foldable and it comes with a bobbin winder, and it's easy to wind the warp on by myself. And it fits nicely in my bedroom.

And other things about me

Hi! I'm Eileen. To earn a living, I do marketing, some creative and design stuff, and used to call some shots in multi-cam live shows for television broadcast. You can always talk to me about ballet and Japan—these two things have become an integral part of my life. Also, I'm glad to be Singaporean.