Things I Made

You can see everything that I've made on my Instagram page, but here's some of the things that I'm more proud of. I realised every description mentions "my friend". Just FYI, it's not the same friend. I have a few friends.

池 (chí/ike/pool) (2019)

Nassen Gasuri (stencil dyeing kasuri) at Kawashima Textile School's Applied Kasuri Course I. The blue triangles form the 3 strokes representing water (in Chinese, 三点水), and the octagons are the bright umbrellas and rocks around the pools. My friend goes to Siargao almost as often as I go to Japan. I went to Siargao with her once in 2014, and the rock pools there were gorgeous. At that moment, I said that visiting Siargao should be a yearly affair. That didn't happen because since the year after, I've been visiting Japan at least once a year. My wallet can only love one more country.

OKAYAMA (2018)

Once, I went to Okayama to help build/renovate a really old Japanese style house on the mountain. This is basically the story of it all–cutting bamboos, grinding stones, dusting ceilings, removing nails, and sanding down wooden pillars and beams. Also, Okayama is famous for peaches. This piece is now owned by the guy who started this project (who is my friend's husband), where all his friends (and then girlfriend and girlfriend's friends) flew to Japan to be part of it, because why not. That includes me. I have cool friends.

SAORI COAT NO. 2 (2018)

When my friend really wanted a scarf, but I decided to make a coat, and she still liked it anyway.

SAORI COAT NO. 1 (2017)

This is cat-approved, because I have a photo of my friend (who owns this now) wearing it in a cat cafe, with a cat sitting on her shoulder.