Gamaguchi - Salmon #1
Gamaguchi - Salmon #1

Gamaguchi - Salmon #1

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Height (including metal frame): 22cm
Width: 20cm
Base: 5cm wide

Bag Material: Linen (salmon & grey)
Lining: 100% cotton (maroon)

Product includes: 120cm silver metal chain

A kiss lock sling bag that is just right for all your everyday necessities. It works as a going-out-having-fun kind of day bag, and also perfect for looking classy and special for events. Basically, anytime. 

I stuff my tiny umbrella, wallet, portable charger, kindle, key pouch, tissue pack, ear phones, and of course, mobile phone into a bag this size, so if your items happen to be around the same size as mine, you can put A LOT of things in this bag. It's almost magical.

And of course, it's one of a kind.